8 Random Facts About Moi

1. I read magazines from back to front. I don’t know why, but it seems that the most interesting features always are at the back. It started with Time Magazine because my favorite feature is the editorial on the last page. Now I read all magazines that way.

2. I hate ketchup. Well, I hate ketchup on everything except grilled cheese sandwiches. I was raised eating them this way and I don’t know any other way to eat them. But I still hate ketchup.

3. My favorite movie of all time is Last of the Mohicans.

4. It bothers me if the TV volume is not on a multiple of 5. (15, 20, 25) If I notice that it is, I usually adjust it to be on a multiple of 5. Don’t ask … I have no idea.

5. I have every word to all the songs of Aladdin memorized.

6. I can say the alphabet backwards as fast as I can say it forwards.

7. I have an extra sensitive tongue to spicy foods. I like them, but something that tastes mildy spicy to others is flaming hot to me.

8. I was on the swim team in high school. I was an average swimmer, but for some reason could do amazing flip turns. Too bad there wasn’t a flip turn competition. I would have taken the state title.

3 thoughts on “8 Random Facts About Moi

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  1. So that rice must have been a fiery inferno! Also, not to downplay your uniqueness (?), but around 50 percent of magazine readers read from the back to front. That’s probably why magazines put interesting stuff back there….

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