That’s Life

Yesterday I walked into a public restroom, entered a stall and sat down.

The seat was warm.

Apparently the previous occupant had spent a significant amount of time in there in the not so distant past.


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  1. I’m anti-public restroom myself. I’ll do anything to avoid using one. But, as a citizen who’s concerned for bottoms around the world, might I recommend Dillard’s restrooms if you find yourself in a peeker pickle. I’ve searched high and low and Dillard’s by far has the cleanest commode going.

  2. Public restrooms gross me out. Especially at the airport. It’s really gross to think how people stand in line, waiting for someone to get off the toilet so they can sit in the same place. Yech.All that being said…thanks for the post, Becky. (PS…some things…are better kept to yourself!) :?)

  3. Nothing about bathrooms grosses me out after praying to a porcelain god in the Addis Ababa airport. Seriously, if I didn’t die from the food poisoning OR the germs in the bathroom, I must be invincible.

  4. Beck – Remember the squatter in Morocco? You squat down and hope you don’t pee all over your shorts and legs. Then you get to wash it down the hole with a bucket of water. The best part is that we had to PAY to do that like it was some sort of carnival ride. Sheesh.

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