Some Stuff I’m Thinking About

I’m having trouble putting my thoughts into any sensible order tonight. I sat down to write a new post and so far it’s gone in about 17 different directions. So I’m going to stop trying to organize my thoughts and instead, simply write whatever comes to mind. Here we go…

My dog is sick. Again. All over my house. So instead of spending the evening as I had planned, I spent it steam cleaning the carpet. I’m not sure what’s giving her the Big D regularly, but I have a hunch it is the rawhides I got at Walmart. Reason #3,764.

Compassion is restructuring. I found out yesterday that my team is being disbanded and my job is moving to the Web and Interactive team. While this will provide me with lots of opportunity for growth and new challenges it also means being on a team with four men. Which I guess can also be considered an opportunity for growth.

This is the first year in 11 years that I will be home for Thanksgiving. I’ve spent the last decade giving thanks in Callifornia, Minnesota and Morroco. This year I will be giving the most thanks that we have not yet had a blizzard in Colorado Springs.

That’s it for now. I’m going to bed. I’d wish myself sweet dreams, but I never remember them. Ever. It’s really weird.

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