Chivalry Ain’t Dead!

It’s great to have a boss you can depend on.

Especially when that entails chivalrous duties outside the realm of the workplace such as rescuing damsels in distress. [And by damsels I mean me. And by distress I mean stranded on the side of the road in my car with no gas.]

This whole situation is rather embarrassing, seeing as I’ve had 13 solid years of not running out of gas. And seeing how my gas light had been on for several days. The gas light, however, is quite misleading, because it comes on when I have a quarter tank left. That’s like five gallons which means I can drive for, like, 100 more miles. So I’ve always ignored the gas light and just watched the mileage to figure out when to fill up. So much for that technique.

As I was being so gallantly rescued by Tim tonight, I started thinking about how truly chivalrous he is. He always opens doors for women. He always walks on the street side of the sidewalk, closest to traffic. He always carries boxes, or pulls luggage, or picks up something that got dropped … always tries to make life just a little easier for us. And it’s ingrained in him. He doesn’t even have to think about it. So even though I endlessly give him a hard time for treating us like fragile, helpless little daisies, in all reality, it’s great to be looked out for. I never have to wonder if I’ll be taken care of when Tim’s around. And that’s a great feeling of security.

I wish more men were like this. Truly chivalrous men are few and far between.

So … thanks, Tim.

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