Six-pack abs, here I come.

I recently joined a very expensive gym. It’s more like an exclusive health club, actually. I grew up in a home where we did NOT spend money on luxuries. Ever. So even though I feel like I should feel guilty about spending so much on the gym membership, I actually don’t.

I decided it’s one of those things that I get to do because I’m single.

Like buying really nice underwear.
Or getting my groceries from Albertsons instead of Walmart.
Or taking vacations to places like Costa Rica and Morocco.

Anyway, I’ve gone to the gym six out of seven days for the past two weeks. And I feel great! The early morning spinning classes are much more intense than the one I attended at the YMCA. Each cardio machine has a personal TV so thanks to The Food Network, The Discovery Channel and VH1, I do cardio longer now. The locker rooms are very high end – the spa, sauna and steam room make for a relaxing and quite enjoyable gym experience.

So Merry Christmas, me.

6 thoughts on “Six-pack abs, here I come.

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  1. Good for you Becky! My gym is cheap. So cheap that I don’t think about how much I’m spending when I don’t go. Hmmmm…maybe I need to join a really expensive gym. You think that will fly with Carolyn?

  2. Yeah, I have to go a LOT to make it worth it. It’s so nice, it kind of makes me want to move in there. :)Well, hmm. Paying more for a gym made me go a lot more. Maybe it’s worth a shot?

  3. good for you! my favorite part of going to the gym is people watching…i have seen some pretty interesting people/outfits/habits while on my elicptical…

  4. it’s true, gail, the gym is a great place to people watch. :)although it seems like the YMCA had many more interesting people than this new gym. 🙂 apparently Apollo Anton Ohno worked out there occasionally.

  5. No, Skippy, no. You can stay with me at good ol’ Fitness 19. Where the receptionist doesn’t know how to smile. Where we nicknamed the childcare worker Sarge. Where we can run side by side on the treadmills, holding hands.

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