Don’t listen to me.

I’ve been working for Compassion for a little over seven years now. Wow. That’s a long time! (Especially for my commitment-phobic generation, ya know?) When I first started at Compassion, my plan was to work here for two years, tops. I figured I’d work here for a couple years, then move on to something bigger and better.

But guess what I found out? It doesn’t get much bigger and better that this. I’m serious. For some reason God chose to make my first official post-graduate job at a place where I get to have life-changing experiences like …


Almost daily it seems there is another news story of an evangelical organization involved in a scandal. It makes total sense why many people are skeptical about organizations like Compassion. People might think I’m biased about this place because I work here. And as a part of the communications team, they pay me to say good things about them. So don’t listen to me.

I heard recently that we are taking some regular bloggers on a trip to Africa. They will go see Compassion’s work in the field and blog about their experiences there. No grammar proofing. No corporate editing. Just real people, taking a real trip and sharing their real experiences. They’re not paid employees. Heck, some of them aren’t even sponsors.

This morning I read a post from one of the bloggers that’s going on the trip. And it’s GOOD. It’s seriously good. She’s a great writer. Extremely transparent and vulnerable. I look forward to reading her take on her experience in Africa. I don’t doubt she’ll be honest. Judging from this post, she won’t hesitate to call Compassion onto the carpet if she needs to.

So if you’re at all curious about whether Compassion is for real, you should follow these blogs. Judge for yourself.

Here are a couple other bloggers going on the trip:

Ragamuffin Soul

So … happy reading. May your life be changed.

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