No wonder Madonna is so ripped.

As many of you know, I recently joined a new gym. I’ve been going faithfully every day for a little over a month now. And I’ve really enjoyed it. Up until tonight.

I left work a little late and while I was on my way home, my roommate text messaged me to ask if I wanted to join her at the 5:30 pilates class. Now I’ve done pilates before and I loved it. It’s all based on core strength. So I was really looking forward to tonight’s class.

When we arrived at the gym, we found out that the class was actually called Fusion … it’s a combination of pilates and yoga. I’ve seen yoga before. I know that with my joint problems there are some things that I just cannot do. But I figured that I could just skip the poses that I couldn’t do and just do the pilates.


First of all, the regular Fusion instructor was gone, and the sub apparently thought the class was purely a yoga class. No, an advanced yoga class. The next hour was one of the most uncomfortable of my life. I felt sort of like I was Chris Farley trying to perform Swan Lake. Oh AND the guy on the mat next to me looked like he was about 65 and he was busting out crazy poses left and right. I felt like an incompetant fool. And I’m sure I looked like one. I guess yoga’s not my thing. I’ll do 12 straight hours of spinning class before I go back to a yoga class.

But I did gain a new respect for those who do yoga well. It may look like the world’s easiest “workout,” but it takes a LOT of strength and skill.

I hear Madonna does yoga a lot. No wonder she is so ripped.

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  1. i really should try it sometime. you know who else is ripped…gwen steffani. everytime her video comes on at the gym i run just a little harder.

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