Why I will watch Idol this year …

Be still my heart.

11 thoughts on “Why I will watch Idol this year …

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  1. I DON”T think he’s hot, but the singing was one of the best I heard last night. I liked him and the Irish chick w/tats. I’ve got him in the top 10 fo’ sho.

  2. That was pretty good. I won’t be watching again this year, until maybe the end, but that was good. @Becky since I don’t watch, wasn’t that a wedding band on his left hand there?

  3. Yeah, it’s on Tuesdays and Wednesdays now. But Tuesdays are better, in my opinion, because that’s when you actually get to hear the contestants sing. Wednesdays are just the results show. You are welcome to come over anytime.P.S. Can you bring your tools? 🙂 There MIGHT be something to fix while you’re there. Thanks, brother.

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