Wrap your brain around this one …

Is Jesus more pleased with a theologically-messed person who actually does the things he says, or someone who’s got the right answers, but doesn’t follow?

I’ve asked a similar question many times but never figured out where to land. Brant asks this after meeting a Muslim who loves and follow Jesus but does a much better job of actually articulating it.

Read his post and then help me figure this out.

4 thoughts on “Wrap your brain around this one …

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  1. ouch… this hurts my head.so, i’m thinking about that story of the two sons. one said he’d do it, but didn’t ….the other said he wouldn’t, but did.how does that line up with theology? dunno….. that’s as far as my brain gets today. its saturday – aren’t we supposed to have the day off?!;)

  2. I read the blog also, it made my head spin also, and I graduated from seminary! Ha!He writes some good stuff.So I keep wondering why I read your blog, and just agree most every time, or have been thinking about the same subject. That’s cool. You got any other blogger friends that think like you? We could form a coalition of cool people that think exactly like us and meet in the same building each week and…hey wait a sec!Seriously whose blogs do you like to read?Cheers.

  3. Yay! Fun to find someone that thinks like me. (Maybe a little scary for you.) I think I actually found you through Skip. Do you know the Crusts?I guess most of the ones I read are listed in the blogroll. I love Shaun Groves’ blog (Shlog) and also Fayola Shakes’ blog (My Immortal Life). I’ll join your coalition of cool people. Sign me up! 🙂

  4. (Well, I am not cool but I wanted to post anyway ;)) heheI know a Muslim woman who rocks my face off. LOVE her. She is a gem. She knows who Jesus is, and she believes him to be a good influence. He is after all said to be a good teacher in the Koran…However, do I believe Jesus is pleased because they (she and this other fella in the post you linked) listen to part of his message?No.Why? Because Jesus not only said “Love your neighbor, do good to your enemies” he said other things. And I guess he wanted us to remember them as well, or they would not be in the same books.He said, “I am the Son of God.” which Muslims do NOT believe. And, “If you love your father or mother or even your sons and daughters more than me, you are not fit to be my disciples.” I’d say you could substitute “Mohammad” in there for the family members.The only way we can know if something pleases Jesus is by reading his words…..Right?:)

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