When Costco Came to Town

Costco is here.

If you were driving anywhere within 10 miles of the store last night, you would have known it. There were cars backed up for miles to get into the parking lot. Literally miles. Lines of cars from the South and from the North and from the West. (Probably from the East too, but I couldn’t see them.) And that was just for the open house! To look at stuff. You couldn’t even buy anything until their grand opening today.

So guess where I was last night? That’s right! I joined right in the madness and went to sign up for a membership.

It took me an hour and a half to get there. (It’s 3 miles from my house.) And I had to park at Hobby Lobby across the street. (A half mile walk.) And I didn’t even step foot in the store. I just went in the entryway.

But I am now a proud, card-carrying member of Costco.

The last time I remember something as crazy as that is when the first Krispy Kreme opened. If I bought stock, I’d buy me some shares in the Costco Corporation.

Oh and one more thing. To the gorgeous man that signed me up last night (just in the off chance that you happen to somehow stumble on this blog): I’d love to take you up on that cocktail now!

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