Mt. Herman Trail

Saturday was 72 degrees! Yes, that’s right people, seventy-two. Record high.

So we gathered the dogs (5 of them) and gathered the people (5 of them) and off we went …

We had one lab of each color (black, brown, yellow, tan and white) but it was hard to get them all in one photo.

Havana learned to swim.

Swimmers, take your marks …

Overall yesterday was a GREAT day. Good time with some friends and fam.
As I write this, there’s currently a Blizzard Warning for our area.

Colorado is so weird.

4 thoughts on “Mt. Herman Trail

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  1. That’s about our story. It was freezing last week, 40 by Friday, 70 on Saturday, 60’s yesterday, and by last night it was freezing again with snow.Great pictures!!! It’s healthy that you go out on hikes and walks so often.Cheers.

  2. Colorado isn’t weird. It’s schizophrenic. I’m hot. I’m cold. No, wait. I’m hot. No, wait. I’m cold. At least MN is consistent. Cold. Cold. Cold. Hot. Hot. Hot. Then cold again. LOVE the pic of your girl diving into the water! Ruby would have liked that doggie play date.

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