Two More Ways to Procrastinate

Happy Friday! We made it. In the words of the great poet, R. Kelly, it’s the freakin’ weekend and I’m about the have me some fun.

Today I refer you all to a couple links that you will not want to miss:

Thanks to a post from my co-worker Brian, I have found the most deliciously sarcastic blog. It’s called Stuff Christians Like. Basically every post is a short feature on stuff that makes up Christian culture – “a tongue in cheek exploration of all the silly things Christians like.” Here’s my favorite:

Famous Christians
(Skip and Carolyn, this one made me think of a conversation we had once.)

A couple others that made me laugh out loud are:

Occasionally Swearing
Rob Bell

You should totally check it out. I love Jesus, but I can also laugh at the silly-ness we call Christianity.

The other link I’d suggest you all check out is one I’ve been waiting for anxiously since I heard it was happening. (Actually, unless you have an interest in photography, it probably won’t be nearly as exciting to you. But since you love me, you can be excited FOR me.) The Pioneer Woman, a fantastic blogger and photographer, has finally added a section for Photoshop Techniques. Woot WOOT!

Hmmm … on second thought, I might cancel all my wild weekend plans and become a Photoshop geek.

3 thoughts on “Two More Ways to Procrastinate

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  1. Oh my goodness, I just got obsessed with Stuff White People Like, and now this! We got rid of our tv about a year ago (which I bet you find especially funny), and that shows up on both lists… so I guess I’m a white Christian!

  2. I was going through a minor depression last week during the new site switchover for PW! I actually had to work all day instead of read her blogs when I started to get bored. :)ae

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