The $5 Photo Fee

My family has always had this weird thing with pictures. We love them. We’re all big fat camera hogs. At every family function, even to this day, count on my dad to have the camera ready to go at any given second.

When we were little, we used to take our annual family portraits up at my grandparents house during the Thanksgiving holiday. We’d all dress up and then one by one, we’d pose on the piano bench while my dad took the pictures. After the single photos were done, then it would have to be all the kids together. Then the whole family. It was always a big ordeal. And it inevitably took many shots to get just one decent one of all four of us kids. Every year my brother would pose like an angel until the very last second when, just as my dad’s finger was pressing the button on the camera, he’d screw up his face in some horrific grimace.

My dad got frustrated with wasting so much film that he started charging us $5 per family photo we “ruined.” That’s right. We actually had to pay if we made a funny face in a picture.

Anyway, I was just looking through some of my family photos last night. Dad, I’m glad to see your punishment worked so well.

3 thoughts on “The $5 Photo Fee

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  1. Nice. I recall that. If you look carefully in the family shot … the one that I’m not in … the one where you can see my shadow cause I was taking the photo with the sun behind me … if you look closely you can see in the shadow that I too am making a face.Just for the record.

  2. That’s hilarious. Stuff like that with family makes for great memories. I’m not sure why I am horrible about smiling on camera; I should say that I am almost never happy with how my smiles come out.Anyways…Cheers.

  3. Thanks for calling this to my attention Becky. These are hilarious! I understand how frustrating it can be for a parent though! That business about charging $5.00 for a “ruined” photo sounds like one of the (stupid) things we would’ve done to try to get cooperation! Ha! Doesn’t work.

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