At times like this I wish I were a man …

One of the things I hate in life is car trouble. I know very little about cars. And to be honest, I don’t really want to understand them. I just want to drive one. That works. I’ve been really diligent about regular maintenance on my Mazda because I paid it off a few years ago and am hoping it will last me a long time.

A couple weeks ago my car started stalling at stoplights. Then every time I stepped on the brake, even to turn a corner, my RPM’s would go so low the car would be on the verge of dying. So I sucked it up at took it to the mechanic this morning as the problem was quite obviously getting worse.

I just got off the phone with the mechanic, and although I understood about 20% of what he said, here’s what I got:

The main problem is the intake manifold … something.
Then there is my axel leakage … something.
And on top of that, some gasket cover … something.

I tried to listen to details, but all I really heard was the total = $740.
I don’t even know enough to know if I’m getting ripped off.

6 thoughts on “At times like this I wish I were a man …

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  1. It takes more than male genitalia to understand what he was talking about. It’s possible – likely even – that I know less about cars than you. I am clueless when it comes to anything mechanical.

  2. You said “axle leakage.”I don’t know why, but that sounds really funny!Yeah…I don’t know anything about cars either. I have a friend who’s a mechanic. I can refer you to him for a second opinion, if you like, but I know that he’s a VERY EXPENSIVE mechanic.Ha! That’s like saying an “ugly bulldog”…aren’t all mechanics expensive?

  3. Becky – Check out Al Demark Auto downtown Colorado Springs. That’s who I used when I lived there; they are really great … and honest. It was actually recommended to me by a woman who felt confident going there. They do a good job explaining stuff in layman’s terms. – JP

  4. Okay guys, I know being a guy doesn’t make you know about cars. 🙂 And for the record, I don’t really wish I was a man. My car is fixed now. $800 later. But at least it’s running well. John, thanks for the tip. If I ever need a new mechanic, or a second opinion, I’ll go there.

  5. Becky, my 90-year-old mom never did learn to go elsewhere, when she was sure she was being ripped off. She just gave up driving in 2006 and had continued paying out large sums of money that may not have been necessary. She continued to complain, but never let my sister, who lives near her, ask some men at church for recommendations.Don’t be like my mom. A second opinion is always good, and when you have a solid recommendation, it’s worth the time to check into it. God may have better uses for some of that money!

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