Schenectady, Schmenectady

I’m in upstate New York right now visiting my sister and her husband. My baby sister. Who’s very preggers at the moment. I flew out here now because:

1. I wanted to see her with a big ol’ baby belly and I’ll be in Hawaii when she actually has the baby. So unless I see her now I wouldn’t get to see her pregnant.

2. I wanted to give her a baby shower. I feel like it’s one of the big sister “official” duties and even though I live thousands of miles away, I didn’t want to miss out on it.

I had a hellish trip out here. American Airlines’ problems are causing all sorts of chaos with the other airlines trying to cover for them, so even though I wasn’t flying American, it didn’t matter. Then there was a medical emergency on the incoming plane we were supposed to depart on so that made us leave 1.5 hours late which meant I missed not just my original connection, but also the connection they rebooked me on. Then I met Ms. Grouchy Pants, the Northwest Airlines ticketing agent who was unbelievably rude to me and told me she couldn’t help me because she was supposed to go on break and how on earth could I have managed to miss both flights … etc. I was so tired and frustrated by this time that I just started to cry. I couldn’t help it. You would have thought that would soften Ms. GP a little, but nope. Not a smidge. I’m normally a very patient and understanding traveler, but this was a hard trip.

In the end I made it to Albany. I flew from Denver to Minneapolis to Atlanta to Albany. But I made it.

And even though the weather people predicted rain for the whole time, so far the sun’s been shining.

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  1. Oh no!! I feel like I jinxed you since I was telling you all of my stories about super rude airline peoples!!! Sorry it was so awful getting out there but hope you’re having a lovely time! The house is a bit too quiet though with both you and Havana gone!

  2. When I flew Northwest to Canada just two weeks ago, I missed all sorts of flights because of their delays, etc. But I had a really nice lady help me out…gave me all sorts of coupons for hotel, meals, free miles, etc.Sorry your experience wasn’t as good.Glad you made it though. Your sister looks so cute with her big ole’ belly.

  3. Luck-eeey!I wish I could go out there and kick it with Dellie before they pop!SO crazy that she’s having a baby … I think I’ll sift flour on her head the next time I see her …

  4. Don’t even think about sifting flour on her head, or I’ll do something way worse to your head when I come out.I wish you could come see us too. I’m pretty huge, and getting bigger by the day, and Dellie is SO excited!

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