Moo Dang, that was good!

A little over a year ago my friend Wendy and I started a monthly cooking night. The idea was that we would pick a type of ethnic food that neither of us had cooked before and learn how to cook it. We pick an appetizer, a few dishes, a typical drink and a dessert.

For the first 10 months or so it was just Wendy and me. Then our friend Jamie joined us. Each month we seem to have one or two new people. 16 months later it’s turned into a full-fledged party! (Sadly, Wendy moved to Seattle a few months ago, but we’ve carried on the tradition.)

Last night was Thai night. Julisa and I hosted it at our house.

Here’s Julisa making Tom Ka Gai.

Heidi works on her masterpiece, Pad Thai.

It was a lot of work, but worth it in the end. Ta da!

Bring on the grub!

Here is the yummy looking Thai salad, made by the lovely Suzanne.

Suzanne and I ready to eat!

Here is the finished product:
Tom Ka Gai, Mango Sticky Rice, Thai Iced Tea, Pad Thai, Thai Salad, Chicken Satay, and last but not least … Moo Dang!

And for a close-up …
Are you hungry yet?

In case you were wondering … here’s a list of what we’ve made so far. Any suggestions for next month?

Jan – New England
Feb – Greek
Mar – French
Apr – Hawaiian
May/June – Mexican
Jul – Japanese
Aug – Spanish
Sept – Italian
Oct – Caribbean
Nov – Indian
Dec – Moroccan
Jan – Argentinian
Feb – German
Mar – Irish
Apr – Thai

20 thoughts on “Moo Dang, that was good!

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  1. This is a really neat idea! I’m going to have to steal it. That Thai food looks so yummy. Still thinking of an idea for next month.

  2. When I was in Bangkok, I had Tom Ka Gai. It was the single most ruthless food I’ve ever eaten. I use that word because it grabbed my esophagus, slammed it shut, and wouldn’t let go. I almost died from lack of oxygen. No joke.I’m sure yours was yummy, but forgive me for passing the plate on by.

  3. Um Skip? What was it, exactly, that you ate that caused you to choke?Cause ours was a coconut milk based chicken soup. It was amazing!And to my brother Chris … you’re disgusting.

  4. It wasn’t the coconut milk or chicken. It was the SPICES. Oh…my…gosh. Thai people have a freaky idea of what “good food” is. I couldn’t taste anything for days. I tried to cough, but I couldn’t get any air. It was horrible. I’m guessing that your soup was much better, especially since you could actually eat it.

  5. Everything was so yummy! Can’t wait for next month!Oh, and I posted the recipe for the mango sticky rice on my food blog. But it has an impossibly long link!

  6. Scottish! Bannocks and Haggish and Beer! Make sure you leave yourself plenty of time for the haggish – it takes a while.And I’m half-joking. Haggish is pretty gross stuff. It would be funny to see pictures though.

  7. Hmmm … I’ll submit haggish into the running. If we make it, I’ll definitely take pictures of it. Whatever it is. Thanks Todd!

  8. Sounds like an awesome time, Becky. We used to do a monthly gourmet night with some friends. It kind of fell by the wayside after a couple years and quite a few pounds.Next month why not go for Peruvian and start the evening off with the national drink, Pisco Sours! You’ll have to let me know if you can actually find Pisco…been half-heartedly looking around for the past year or so with no luck.

  9. That’d be so fun!! Let’s plan on it next time I’m in town, whenever that is. I may have a biz trip to the U.S. in the next couple months, so hopefully can swing by CO… TBD.

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