Not Just a Pretty Voice, My Friends

Hey you know how John Mayer sometimes makes really funny faces when he sings? Then he goes and takes a picture like this … and totally redeems himself!

photo from

Ok I’m done. Back to work.

11 thoughts on “Not Just a Pretty Voice, My Friends

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  1. You know what, Fay? I almost dedicated this post to you.In fact, I’ll do it now. :)This one’s for you, my fellow Mayer lover.

  2. Love him!! I wish he wrote in his blog more often. I wonder why he deleted all the old posts. He does look a little like Johnny Depp here.I just posted my Four Things meme and linked back to you for giving me the idea. Thanks!

  3. Ok, I know I already commented on this post, but did you see that he updated his blog. And there is info about a summer tour. And the date he’s coming to my town is our wedding anniversary! I’m so excited!

  4. Jen, checking it out right now! I’m determined to see him at least once this summer. :)What a great anniversary date! I hope your husband agrees…

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