Section 16

Today we hiked a trail called Section 16. Kind of a weird name. (Sounds more like a place where they hide UFO’s.) Sweet hike, but longer than we expected.

Here you can see the back of the Garden of the Gods…

Jamie and the Beckys. Can someone say Olan Mills?

Havana ran around so much she must have done 20 miles to our 6. She was shaking by the time we got back to the car. But she loved it!

6 thoughts on “Section 16

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  1. This is where I wish I could insert a picture of me being really really jealous. It’s so nice and sunny and beautiful, and you have a dog. And a small belly, as opposed to a huge one. Give me another four months, though. I’ll be trekking this autumn…just you wait.

  2. Cool pics as usual!What happen the the Justin Timberlake and Miss Piggy post???Justin Timberlake is smooth…no doubt about that. Sadly, I’ve seen the concert from MSG.Cheers.

  3. Ellie, you should be jealous. I’m practically jealous of myself.Nathan, don’t worry. I still love JT and and still hate Miss Piggy. I’m just trying to be careful about link between this blog and Compassion’s blog … you know … some people are weird. (I am jealous that you saw that concert though. LUCKEE.)

  4. Awesome picts!! Thanks for stopping by my blog…y’all are TOTALLY welcome for the link love for Compassion~ they are doing SUPER cool stuff and we are 100% behind them! Have a great one!! 🙂

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