Hollywood Called

They want their accessories back.

I always laugh at those celebrities who wear humongous sunglasses. The Olsen twins are notorious for it. Even though my sister-in-law swears by them, I think they look stupid. (Sorry Valeen.) I understand that when your personal life is in the spotlight 24/7, you probably feel the need to hide and huge sunglasses give you that feeling of invisibility. But seriously? Glasses that go from your hairline to your mouth just look ridiculous.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood Called

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  1. I swear this comment won’t be as long as my last. I have long resisted huge sunglasses, but recently upon going sunglass shopping, I could ONLY find bug-eye ones (though not as bug-eyed as your glorious glasses here). So I bought them, and actually I find they give me great sun coverage. I’m very happy with them…except they give you a ski-goggle tan line.

  2. Talk about UV protection. Dang! Soon we won’t even need to wear sun-tan lotion because our sunglasses will be so freakin’ huge!! I love the march of Human Progress.

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