Albanys Calling

I’m off early tomorrow morning to fly to New York and see my sister and her hubs. And also my other sister. And her boy Zach. And my cousin Jillian. And her new puppy. And perhaps most exciting of all … to meet the new man in my life.

I’m flying Delta this time. Let’s hope this trip goes a little smoother than my last one with Northwest.

I’m bringing my computer so I’m planning to post from there, but just in case we’re too busy seeing Royal Crown Revue, playing Settlers of Cattan, picking fresh fruit (a NY tradition) and sailing on Zach’s boat

… that’s where I’ll be.

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  1. Have a BLAST! We’ll se soaking up the rays and the lake water next week at Trout Lake Bible Camp. Spending the week there with the fam. Should be quite a treat. Can’t wait until Nov, though. Knock em dead in Settlers, just like I taught ya.

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