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Remember when I tried to get people to “de-lurk” and it totally bombed?

Yeeeeeah … that was funny.

Well I’d like you to know I’ve come to terms with my lurkers. I’m totally okay with you anonymous readers. Actually, the fact that people read this blog at all is pretty cool. So, thanks.

However, should any of you anonymous readers ever get the sudden urge to identify yourself, I’ve added an easy way for you to do so. Just look a few inches to the right and you can become a “follower.”

Now, I know becoming my blog follower might seem a little creepy. I mean, only people like Ghandi or Jim Jones or Joel Osteen have followers. But really, it’s just a way for all of us to meet. Then we can have community. Which I really like.

So go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Let’s create some community, people!

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  1. I will follow you. Follow you wherever you may blog. There isn’t a bandwidth too small, a connection too shaky to keep, keep me away! Away from your blog!I can relate to your de-lurking bomb. I couldn’t even get people to comment for guilt or charity. Those heartless lurkers. (Except you, of course.)

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