The Perfect Day

Saturday was Gor. Geous.

We hiked The Crags, a trail near Cripple Creek. This has to be one of my favorite hikes near the Springs. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Here are some photos. (It’ll almost be like you’re hiking with us.)

Jamie and I are excited!

Jamie and Chris gaze at the view. This view is just a preview, though, of what’s ahead.

Havana and me on top of the world. The view behind us is 360 degrees.

This guy was like the bird whisperer. He held food in his hand and they’d come land. It was awesome.

Tilla and Havana. You have no idea how hard it is to get a good picture of the two of them. This might be my favorite.

Ooh. This guy is my favorite, too.

Jamie loves hugs so much, we try to oblige her as often as possible.

Intense. That’s what this picture is.

On the way back we stopped to sit on a giant rock and enjoy the sun. Here’s the view.

Devil’s Playground and the back side of Pikes Peak behind us.

Jamie, contemplating life.

I love pictures of Aspen trees.

On the way home we stopped at this place called Jo Mama’s and ate the best pizza I’ve ever had. I’m not exaggerating. If you ever drive through Woodland Park, you should definitely stop there. Then we got some Blue Bell ice cream.

Ahhhh. This is what life is about.

9 thoughts on “The Perfect Day

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  1. Love these pics! I’m in [chilly] Kansas City for a week and can’t wait to get back to the mountains! Love the dogs — you did capture a perfect moment with them; amazing they stopped sniffing long enough to get the photo…I miss our Golden Retriever who died a couple years ago…

  2. OK, so you might not be able to buy beach chairs there but you have mountains! I haven’t seen one of those in forever. I’ve concluded that SoCal is the perfect place for me to live: you get mountains *and* the beach. Great pics. 🙂

  3. Incredible. I love that you really embrace where you live and experience every nook and cranny. I can’t say that I’ve done that in MN…yet. I need your help. We need to do something really cool when you come. 🙂 Love the pics!!!!

  4. Okay, let’s just say your “special friend” then.The whole family was out for a walk this afternoon so we stopped by your place to see if you were around. Obviously you weren’t there, but we did get a nice welcome from Havanna through the window!Karen

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