40 Days

In just about 40 days we will choose the leader of our country. The way things have been going lately, I will change my mind 40 times between now and then about who will get my vote.

I thought I had finally settled on John McCain.

But I just watched Sarah Palin’s interview with Katie Couric and suddenly I’m not so sure. Her discomfort is painfully obvious.

Morally, I tend to side more with the Republican ticket. But not totally. And now I’m scared to have someone so inexperienced in office. So now what? Any thoughts?

Speak up, people. I’m a vote to be won.

(At this point I’m leaning towards moving. Italy sounds nice.)

13 thoughts on “40 Days

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  1. Sounds like you are looking for a third party candidate.I too agree with some of what Barak stands for but I disagree with how he intends to achieve those ideals. Therein lies the reason I can’t vote for him.So do you cast a vote for a third party or support McCain? One thing McCain has, is the strong “country first” image. Barak seems aloof fairly often. But this isn’t a personality test, rather we are voting for president. Even if Palin looked uncomfortable, would you rather have McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden making decisions and laws that will affect you and your family?There are excellent third party candidates but they won’t get elected. Limiting our options to two parties keeps the powers that be in control.Good Luck!MP

  2. Which would you rather have: – a President without experience – a Vice President without experiencePersonally, I feel your pain. Obama gives good speeches but what has he actually accomplished in his short political career? McCain talks a lot about being a party rebel but his voting record doesn’t necessarily reflect that. Biden is obviously not on the same page with Obama and the tension there is showing. Palin may be a more of a “regular person” but can she step her game up to the level required by a modern day VeeP?Third party candidate? Maybe someday, but not in this election.We need a hero!

  3. I agree with MP–I think the decisions people will make trumps their stage presence. We don’t need a good speech maker, we need a good decision maker.

  4. I’m a republican. I cannot foresee ever voting democratic because I simply do not agree with their moral stance. With that said, I’m not exactly thrilled with this upcoming election. Honestly, I don’t want to vote for either candidate. But, I have to vote for someone and I think I’ll pick the lesser of two evils. Why ntoe vote for Obama? Where do I begin.• Look at the names of those people and places who want Obama to win this election—PUTIN, CHAVEZ, CASTRO, KIM JONG, IRAN, OPRAH. There’s a reason that these people and places want him to win; they’ll get their own interests promoted. It’s flat out scary!• He has a radical stance on abortion/infanticide. Just look into the Induced Infant Liability Act and see what Obama believes. It’s disgraceful.• Obama is a skilled orator (he’d have to be as a lawyer) but he is only a junior senator who has very little experience and is unaccomplished. He’s great when he’s rehearsed a speech, but he often flounders when he has to improvise and is under pressure.• He is in favor of unilateral disarmament, leaving America defenseless against its enemies. This man knows nothing about the military yet he wants to be our Commander and Chief. YIKES!• Obama’s idea of foreign policy is to negotiate with terrorists. We’re doomed!• Is this man patriotic or not? He can’t seem to put his hand over his heart when the pledge of allegiance is said.• How about the company that Obama keeps—Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. I wouldn’t dismiss these people and their role in Obama’s life, despite how many times he tries to shrug it off.• Frank Marshall Davis (Obama’s mentor) is a communist.• Obama supports gay/lesbian marriage.Here’s my main problem with Obama. He claims to be a follower of Christ and to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Of course, only God knows if that is true or not. All I know is that Obama’s beliefs and the things that he promotes are not in line with Scripture. I don’t care if there’s suppose to be a separation of church and state. I DO NOT want the leader of my country being blatantly disobedient to God. Think of the ramifications for our nation if its next President is a man who guides the people farther away from God’s will. I’m not saying that Obama is the antichrist. However, there’s a reason that people mention Obama and the antichrist in the same sentence. Obama is a likeable person who has been able to rally a nation and convince many republicans to vote democratic. People everywhere are being deceived by him and his lies. He offers change. Just ask yourself what kind of change you’re willing to vote for.Karen

  5. Discomfort? That’s probably a good sign rather than a weak one — Christians that realize their weaknesses can be used in a mighty way by our God. Also, I like a person that can admit they don’t have all the answers, but are willing to learn. Finally–this is really strange — the morning after Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Confention, guess what my daily devotion said? “As Deborah, the judge and prophetess had predicted, the honor of the victory was not Barak’s, for the Lord had delivered Sisera into a woman’s hands (Judges 4:9).” [Out of the Ordinary, by David Roper, pg. 45]. What do you think of this? (I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the name of “Barak” in the Bible!)Coincidence? Or God speaking? The whole devotion was about Christian women being called to leadership positions, and one of the lengthy quotes was from the early 1900’s! Here is an excerpt: “Do not copy men. Be authentic. Seek, in your femaleness, the root that distinguishes you from them…You cannot imagine where He will take you and what He will do with you there, but I can tell you this: He is ‘able to do immeasurably more than all [you] ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within [you]’ (Ephesians 3:20).” Amazing.

  6. That really was a painful interview. Honestly, I don’t think any of us can tell you who to vote for. We can only tell you what we plan to do. I decided a long time ago what were the most important issues to me and that I could not vote for John McCain unless something major came up. The choice of Sarah Palin for VP candidate only made me all the more uncomfortable with that ticket. I can’t say that I agree with Obama on everything, but I do think there’s an awful lot of false information out there claiming all sorts of things about him (and to be fair, the same is true about McCain/Palin as well). I think you just have to do your research and figure out which one most fits with what you think is most important.

  7. Do your research and don’t rely on others misleading you with misinformation about either candidate.This is too important to leave up to chance. Make an informed decision. To do this, first you must know what is most important to you and your family and then research the facts and make sure your sources are legitimate – PLEASE!I will be voting for Obama but you need to make your own mind up and I wish you well.

  8. I stand amazed that Christians find that the Republican ticket is any more reflective of their Christian worldview than that of the Democratic ticket. I also stand amazed that Christians can be so ego and ethno-centric that they think we are to be concerned only with America and not the brothers and sisters God created around the globe when we live in a nation with such power and influence globally. Obama’s clearly more reconciliatory in his approach to friends and foes alike. The debate last night revlealed a character that didn’t resort to tearing down his opponent, but sticking to issues and even crediting his opponent when there was credit to be acknowledged. Obama believes in creating opportunities for all and seems to understand the biblical perspective on our treatment of the poor and disenfranchised. I don’t agree with his position on abortion, but I don’t see the Republicans having a very consistently pro-life policy either…what about all of those children who are born? What about the desperate women who may despise the thought of abortion but see no way to survive? Who cares about these women and children and providing for them in a way that frees them from the kind of desperation that drives them into these terrible circumstances? (Check out the statistics on women living near or below the poverty line having abortions compared to those women with financial resources and educations–it’s astounding.) Clearly there are arguments to be made for Christian legitimately giving their vote to either camp, I just can’t give another vote that would in any way endorse the kind of deception and corruption we’ve endured over the last eight years, often in the guise of “good” over “evil.” Time to remove the log from our eyes in my opinion. Otherwise, I may be looking to move after this election!

  9. How you vote is between you and God. Who wins is ultimately under His jurisdiction. “The authorities that exist have been established by God” (Rom. 13:1). No human ruler will be perfect, but I must vote for the person I believe will best protect the things I believe are closest to God’s heart.

  10. You’re probably wondering how I even found your blog (my wife), but I’ll comment anyway. I’m not a big fan of either candidate. I would probably get lynched for saying this, but I think George Bush represents my interests far better than either of the candidates. McCain just isn’t my style, and I don’t know how he got to be the victor in the primary (chance, I think), but at least I feel like I have a handle on him and he gives a straight answer generally. Really, I think people expect too much from presidents (and ascribe too much to them, both positively and negatively), and I just hope they appoint good people and basically keep things together. I sympathize with several of Obama’s positions a lot, but he also has a couple positions I really can’t countenance. He’s also a lot more left than McCain is right, and less centrist than McCain is. He ran such a viscious campaign with Hillary and still can’t win back a lot of her supporters in his own party; so I doubt he’ll be crossing any party lines in practice. I don’t like McCain’s old guard republican style and he’s a bit too militaristic for me, but Obama bothers me more. Having studied rhetoric and philosophy a lot as a philosophy grad student, Obama is a very tricky rhetoritician; he uses a lot of classic tricks. Some of it is genuine, and some of it seems to be just sophistry with nothing behind it. And I wonder how people will feel when they find out Obama is just another politician running for an office, and how his platform which consists a lot of an anti-establishment attitude will survive compromise if he becomes the establishment.

  11. Sister, maybe this will give you something else to chew on mentally as you try to decide:My thoughts lately.By the way, I respect you for carefully weighing the options and earnestly trying to seek out who you feel you should vote for.

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