These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I saw this on another blog I like and learned some interesting stuff.

So speak up … share your favorites:

1. Movie
2. Song
3. Smell
4. Person
5. Blog
6. TV Show
7. Radio Station
8. Web Site
9. Blog Post YOU’VE written
10. Famous Person

I’ll go first.

5 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Add yours

  1. 1. Movie – Last of the Mohicans2. Song – Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin3. Smell – Hugo Boss cologne4. Person – Chris5. Blog – Kamp Krusty6. TV Show – So You Think You Can Dance7. Radio Station – KBCO in Boulder, CO8. Web Site – iGoogle9. Blog Post YOU’VE written – One of my first posts on Compassion’s blog – Proof. ( Famous Person – John MayerOk. Your turn!

  2. Fun!1. Pride and Prejudice (the new one)2. That’s hard. How ’bout one I just really like…Ice Cream by Sarah Mclaghlan.3. Lilacs4. Mike5. Dooce6. The Office7. KBCO of course8. The Onion9. Things I Heretofore Swear Not to Say Upon Procreation (3/27/08)10. Ewan McGregor

  3. Cool! I love some of your faves too ;)1. Movie – O Brother Where Art Thou2. Song – Gunpowder and Lead (just for now)3. Smell – babies!!4. Person – Kevin :)5. Blog – Pioneer Woman 6. TV Show – The Biggest Loser right now7. Radio Station – Froggy 998. Web Site – hmmm… You tube?9. Blog Post YOU’VE written – Don’t know.10. Famous Person – Faith Hill and Tim McGraw as a couple 🙂

  4. 1. The Mission or Tombstone2. When It Don’t Come Easy – Patty Griffin3. Freshly cut grass4. I cannot possibly pick just one.5. Boo Mama6. The Office7. Anything playing NPR8. Crate and Barrel9. I don’t know10. Wentworth Miller

  5. 1. MOVIE – When Harry Met Sally2. SONG – Little Bit of Life (Craig Morgan)3. SMELL – my just-bathed Micah baby4. PERSON – David James Clevenstine5. BLOG – micahclev…what can I say? I’m in love.6. TV SHOW – The Office7. RADIO STATION – anything that plays Delilah…just kidding. People still listen to the radio?8. WEB SITE – pandora9. BLOG POST YOU’VE WRITTEN – I don’t really blog much.10. FAMOUS PERSON – Jesus. Otherwise, probably Jack Johnson.

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