Oh Hey

Hello, blog friends. How was your weekend? Mine was good. It was snowy and cold here in The CO, so other than some quality dog walking time, I spent most of it indoors.

We did go out on Saturday, though. You know what I think? Sushi and a movie = FUN. Who’s with me?

We saw Slumdog Millionaire. It was my second attempt to see it (the first time it was sold out.) Actually, our show was sold out too. Now, with the Best Picture Oscar nomination, I’m sure it will continue to sell out.

I found out this morning that two of the movies we’ve seen recently are nominated for Best Picture. (Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire. ) While I enjoyed Benjamin Button, if I were Oscar, I’d give it to Slumdog. No question. The story was original. The acting was great. The music was good. They did a fantastic (and heartbreaking) job of showing life in the Indian slums. It was very well done. Have you seen either? Which do you think should win?

Oh, and in other random news, check out this article I read today. Crazy, huh? What did they do … send a corporate memo: “We are implementing a new, company-wide policy, effective immediately. Go home and do it.” How do you think this would go over in the U.S.A.?

Well, that’s about it for this Monday morning update. In case you’re wondering, I’m still updating my photo blog, although I seem to miss as many days as I post. Taking a picture a day is challenging! I’ll try to get better … promise. If you haven’t researched the Freedom of Choice Act, please do it.

Have a super Monday! Toodles.

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  1. Slumdog Millionaire? The name sounds like a cartoon… but the movie is getting RAVE reviews. interesting.My weekend? the husband had the flu. the bad kind. so i avoided him at all costs. while hydrating him at the same time. it was tricky!

  2. Oops — no link to Slumdog — haven’t seen it, but did see Benjamin (and loved it). My weekend was great — finally heard from our 2nd son after 17 days — he trekked all the way in to Everest Base Camp!Yes–I read about FOCA; makes me mad too! I’ll be writing about it soon. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. It was fun being in India when the Globe results and Oscar nominations came out about Slumdog–it was on every front page and it was practically all you heard about–pretty exciting.

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