Grand Slam

Denny’s ran this ad during the Superbowl saying that they were giving away a free Grand Slam breakfast today.

So of course, we were like, “For freeeeeeeee? Hook us up!”

We arrived at 7am to a packed out parking lot and people coming out the doors. (I put a picture of the madness on my photo blog.) There was a news van parked out front. Forget reporting the lame stuff like the Israel/Gaza conflict or the guy who tried to outrun the police and crashed with his infant daughter in the car … Denny’s is giving away free food!

We squeezed through the mass of people to the host stand to find that there was an hour wait. For a $2.99 breakfast. Crazy. We were please to find out that they were giving rain checks.

So we picked up two, drove across the street to Chick-fil-A.

As we walked up, we saw a sign on the door announcing that they are giving away free breakfast every Tuesday during the month of February.


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