Led Zeppelin 101

Last night Chris and I were watching the Grammys. Well, half of them … those shows are LONG.

Anyway, here’s the exchange we had right after Alison Krauss and Robert Plant won an award.

Chris: Wow, Robert Plant is looking old.

Becky: You’ve heard of that guy?

Chris (with obvious surprise):
Yeah! He was the lead singer of Led Zeppelin.

Becky: Really? He’s the lead singer? Why would they name their band after a guy who is not the lead singer?

Chris (looking at me like I’m from another planet): Are you serious?

Becky: You mean Led Zeppelin’s not a person?

(Chris laughs his butt off. For the rest of the night.)

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  1. I KNEW I liked you, Lawanda. :)APPARENTLY somebody once said the band would “go down faster than a lead zeppelin.” I guess a zeppelin is a blimp? So that’s where the name came from. I have no idea why they chose to leave the “a” out of Led.Did I get that right, Chris?

  2. Wow…I'm finding this very informative. I also thought Led was someone's name and had your exact reaction to Robert & Allison's win ("Who is that guy?"). Oh well. Maybe it's because Led Zepplin was most popular before I was born.

  3. Yes! That’s funny Carmen.For your further education … I just googled the name … here’s what it said:”Zeppelin got it’s name from The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon.After The Yardbirds disbanded, Jimmy Page mentioned to Keith and friends that he was starting his own band. Keith Moon jokingly said it would go over like a “lead zeppelin”. Meaning it would sink fast!Jimmy liked that but dropped the “a” from the word “lead” so people wouldn’t mispronounce it “leeed zeppelin.”To Page the name perfectly described what he wanted to do with the music. Some light, some heavy. Led Zeppelin. Light and shade. And that’s exactly what Zeppelin did. Soft acoustic mixed with hard electric all within the same composition made their music very powerful. And nothing like that had been heard before.”Chris is smart.

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