Ohhhh, Joaquin

I know I shouldn’t care about something as trivial as this, but I’m just so fascinated by the Joaquin Phoenix drama.

Have you heard about it?

He has gone off the deep end. There are rumors flying around that it’s a hoax – that he’s doing this all to show how dumb the media are. If that’s the case – if it’s all and act – I think it’s hilarious. Talk about being a brilliant actor. If, however, it’s not a hoax and he’s actually serious about the rapping/hairy/slacker reincarnation, then it makes me really sad.

Here he is on David Letterman last week …

Whatever ends up being true, I think David Letterman is hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Ohhhh, Joaquin

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  1. Well, I’m glad I got to see what everyone is talking about. I don’t usually miss Letterman, but of course I would miss it on this night. I don’t know what to think — but probably fake for sure.

  2. That was really well done. I would be a terrible actress and giggle constantly during something like that. My favorite part was when he stuck his gum on the desk!

  3. I caught this clip, and Joaquin seemed to be medicated/high, or at least acting like he was. The clip was funny, but also a tad uncomfortable.

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