Zach and Sara Get Married

Sara was gorgeous. The bride and the matron of honor.
Me with my baby sister.
Anyone want to guess how many “Are you next?” comments we got?
The capes were our lifesavers.
Micah had a matching suit.
Siamese twins.
Chris and his wife, Valeen.
Bridesmaids. Sisters. Friends.
Swing dancing.
Dave and Ellie cut a rug.
The fam.
The wedding was perfect.

10 thoughts on “Zach and Sara Get Married

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  1. Hi Hailie-Don’t worry – all the fur is fake. :)Actually, my mom made the dress. It was velvet and I think she just added the fur around the bottom to the basic pattern. The fur around the collar is actually part of the cape (which she also made.) If you’re interested, I can find out which pattern she used …Becky

  2. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately, I can’t sew to save my life… so the patterns wouldn’t be a help 🙂 But I love knowing dresses like that are out there, and hopefully soon I’ll be posting pics of my own 🙂 Thanks also for the fur assurances! Hehe.

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