A Journey of Faith

My brother Chris and his wife Valeen left today on a journey of faith – a six week trip to a clinic in Reno, Nevada.

Basically, God is taking him up Mt. Everest, spiritually speaking. His faith and strength are being tested an a way I’ve never witnessed before.

Chris has struggled for several years with a painful and devastating disease, which recently has become life-altering. Here’s more detail, if your interested. (And just to give you perspective, when I stopped by last night, I couldn’t even hug him goodbye because he was in so much pain. It was awful.)

Through all this suffering, Chris’ true character has become more and more evident. It’s been amazing to watch his faith explode even as his body implodes. He’s standing firm in his belief that God will heal him. He’s not sure when or how – that’s up to God – but he’s trusting that is will happen. Valeen is believing that too. And so am I.

He’s started a blog so that we can all follow his journey and share in what God’s going to do.

Visit it and leave him a note of encouragement. He’ll no doubt need it. I’m sure his knowing a little of the impact his battle is having on other people would help him endure it.

Also please pray for my brother. He is in the midst of an intense physical, emotional and spiritual battle. Pray for endurance, strength, and healing. Pray also for strength and encouragement for Valeen as she supports him. Pray for all those that are – and will be – impacted by their journey and faith.

It’s hard to watch my brother go through this. As the older sister, I want to jump in and protect him from all this pain. I just keep praying that God will honor his faith and heal him.

Will you pray that with me?

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