It’s All In the Details

It’s a drizzly, gray Saturday morning. It’s not a depressing kind of drizzle, though. It’s very peaceful. The perfect day to stay in my pajamas a read all day.

(By the way, I just this morning finished the best book I’ve ever read. If you want a quick, easy yet deeply profound book, check out The Wet Engine by Brian Doyle. My cousin Peter recommended it. It’s my new favorite. Thanks, Pete!)

But I can’t have a lazy day. I have lots to do! I have appointments today at two bridal shops to try on dresses. My friend Amber is coming with me, and I’m so glad, because all of my bridesmaids (including all three sisters and my BFF) and my mom are currently in other states. And I can’t think of many things I’d like to do alone less than shop for a wedding dress.

I’ve very thankful for Amber. She’s already done SO much to help me plan this wedding! She’s done all kinds of research and come up with a long list of ideas.

Unique ideas. Crazy ideas.

Like the other day I told her I had no idea where to start with decorations. She hopped online and soon sent me this

It’s all in the details! Replace the toilet paper in the bathroom stalls at the reception venue with our stylish Damask Toilet Paper. A beautiful design to further add style and elegance to your wedding day! Available in Black & White, Silver, or Gold.

Oh! And no need to worry about chaffing …

Our toilet paper is 3 ply and a roll contains 200 sheets.

Wedding planning … it’s all in the details, people.

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  1. I really had such a great time today! And I LOVE what you bought. It’s just perfect. I’m honored you let me be a part of it!

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