The Emerald City

I’m alive! (In case any of you were wondering.) I haven’t driven off the side of a cliff or been eaten by a big hairy monster.

We were on vacation in Seattle. We flew out to visit our buddies Robert and Wendy. It was a much needed time away from the craziness of life, work and wedding planning.

(I’d like to take a moment to give a shout out to my friend Jamie for taking my dog for the week. She’s mom to Tilla (Havana’s sister) and when those two get together, they tend to get a little crazy sometimes. Jamie, here’s to you. You’re a brave soul. And a HUGE blessing.)

Anyway, Seattle. It’s been gorgeous weather the whole time. Sunny and mid-70’s. This place is beautiful! Being born and raised in Colorado sort of taints your idea of what trees are, but now I know better. Those puny little excuses for trees that we have don’t even begin to compare.

We went to Pike Market. We sampled some fantastic cheese and olive oil.

Chris ate a 1.13 pound apple. Then he felt sick.

Sunday after church we went on a picnic.

Here’s Mocha, the cutest little rescue mutt you’ll ever see.

Then a stop at Snoqualmie Falls. They’re taller than Niagara.

Yesterday we went downtown to a Music and Arts Festival. Which, we found out, is secret code for Where the Weird People Gather. Because the place was packed with more bare skin, cleavage, stretch marks, tattoos, piercings, hemp clothing and dreadlocks then I have ever seen. Apparently Seattle has quite a large population of very hurting people who are desperate for attention.

Last night we went out for seafood at this great place called Chinook, right on the water. Fresh seafood is the BEST. Afterwards, we walked along the docks and checked out all the yachts.

So tonight we return to real life. Back to C. Springs … the land of cookie cutter housing, strip malls, baby “trees” and urban diahhrea.

Home, sweet, home.

5 thoughts on “The Emerald City

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  1. Sounds like a fun trip!! And I would have been wondering if I had been at my computer more! ;)I am glad you got to take a break :)I am totally going to Seattle someday!

  2. I love Snoqualmie Falls–good memories! Not such good memories at the Pike Market. Glad you had a good time, and a nice break from the wedding planning. I have to say that I’m jealous. Every time I’ve been in Seattle it’s been raining. =:(

  3. Nice pictures… and thanks for the shout… we had a good time while you were away… Tilla now misses her sister… I can tell.

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