A Wedding Update

Wow, how is it Saturday already? Time is flying, people. Flying.

Chris and I went to a wedding this morning for a girl that we work with. It feels very different … attending a wedding after you’re engaged. Before, every time I was at a wedding, I thought “Oh it would be fun to do this someday. Someday far in the future.” Today, as the wedding started, it was like “This will be US in a few weeks. Holy crap.”

We both got a little nervous for a while. 🙂

Plans are coming along. The biggest question mark right now is the catering. We’re trying to pick a caterer and choose what kind of food we’re going to provide. This may not seem like a big decision, but believe me … it is. Both Chris and I really like to eat and want to have creative, high class food, but this gets very pricey very quickly. It’s a challenge to balance quality and presentation and stick to our budget.

Another thing I’m finding challenging is choosing bridesmaid dresses. I’ve heard the jokes about horrendous bridesmaid dresses, but now I kind of understand why it happens. Really, how does one go about finding a dress that works for four completely different body types? On top of that, the bridesmaids are in three different states so it would be best if I find them at a store found in all three states. On top of THAT, I don’t want strapless, which for some reason is the trend in bridesmaid dresses and so non-strapless choices are severely limited.

That’s all I’ve got to update you on right now. You’d think with the infrequent posts I’d have more to share, but really, I’m not even sure you want to hear all this stuff.

Ah well. If a blog is truly an online journal I should write about whatever is on my mind, right? And right now, we all know what’s on my mind these days.

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  1. I don’t know if you like any of the dresses from David’s Bridal, but I thought you might like to know that many of the strapless dresses come with optional straps. My bridesmaid dresses are from there and I think most of my bridesmaids are going to wear the straps because it’s more comfortable! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. I love hearing about it all, so keep sharing! I can totally relate on the bridesmaid dresses. I had seven gals, four of whom were pregnant and at various stages in their pregnancy. In addition, I had one gal shaped like a toothpick and another who needed a plus-size dress. It was such a fiasco. Thank goodness for my mom…a whiz in the sewing world!

  3. I love hearing about your planning, Becky! Some of the prettiest weddings I’ve been to just let their girls pick their own dress within certain parameters (cocktail length, color, not too hoochie.) 🙂

  4. I like that – not too hoochie! LOLSounds like you are having fun! Have you considered making some of the food yourselves? It sure does save a lot of mulah ;)I was a bridesmaid this one time, and they had us get our own dresses and they just had to be bridesmaid-y and peach 🙂 The wedding turned out so pretty with our varied dresses, all in shades of peach! I thought it was an awesome way to do it, personally. 🙂

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