Party Time!

Tomorrow we have our party-for-the-wedding-that’s-not-a-shower. There will be men there, specifically Chris, and I’ve been informed that men “don’t do showers.”

So it’s a … party. Yeah. A party.

I told him there would be lots of food there and that convinced him. He said he’d eat himself into a coma.

Seriously, though, I’m finally getting excited! Things are beginning. I’m sure when we open our first wedding gift it will really hit home.

Last night was my mom’s 60th birthday and my cousin Peter’s 24th birthday. We celebrated it with a traditional Tschamler/Moore family party – BBQ in the backyard, followed by coffee, several desserts (including my dad’s homemade ice cream) and presents.

Here are a few photos of the fun…

The birthday king and queen.

The BEST chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten. Seriously.

Cody and Uncle Peter.

Present time!

We gave mom an engraved jewelry box. You know. For all her jewels.

We sang the Happy Birthday song loudly and completely off-key.

“Sure.” – Jonah

Jon thought the game was Hit Uncle Jon’s Hand. Jonah disagreed.

Jonah discovered beans picked right out of the garden.

My dad’s famous ice cream. Coffee Oreo. It was delish.

The Worm. All those years we had the wrong cousin.
Good times. I love family.

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  1. Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase tell me there will be your dad's ice cream some time during the wedding weekend. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. Don't like mint but I'll eat anything else. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease???

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