My wedding plans keep getting ruined by people who do it first and make the news, rendering any attempt at surprise completely useless.

First, there was my idea* to have the wedding party dance down the aisle. But good thing someone else did it first cause we all know what a bomb that was.

But now I can’t even break a record with my dress . (And the last-minute alterations are going to cost a ton.)

So much for an unforgettable wedding.

*Okay that wasn’t technically my idea.

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  1. Oh my goodness. That's so funny. I thought you were giving away some really cool surprise about your dress because you were so disappointed that someone else took it first. I was like, "No, Becky, don't. It will still be beautiful." And then I clicked the link. Hilarious. You are one funny girl.Can't wait to see you in three days, Bride!I love you!

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