Married Life and Such

Here are a few random thoughts tumbling around my head today…

1. I love being married. It’s so fun. It’s like having your best friend over for a sleepover every night. Seriously, it’s awesome. Don’t get me wrong – it’s work. Hard work. In some ways, harder than I ever anticipated. But SO worth it.

2. Speaking of being married, I think there’s something in the air. Four weeks ago we got married. We went to a wedding this past weekend. We’re going to another wedding this coming weekend. Then two weeks after that we’re going to another wedding. It’s like I’m a senior in college again.

3. Today is September 15 and we are going camping for this first time this year this weekend. That’s just sad. I guess, though, I have been a little busy this summer. So even though it’s just for one night, I’m ready to get my camp on! Thanks for the idea Jamie.

4. Kanye needs to start thinking about the impact of his words before he allows them out of his mouth.

5. My amazing husband took me to see a Cirque du Soleil show this past weekend – Kooza. I first heard about Cirque du Soleil something like 15 years ago and since then, I’ve wanted to see a show. I was not disappointed. It was the BEST show I’ve ever seen. The music, the dancing, the acrobatics, the costumes – everything. And we saw it all from a few feet away! Here’s a little taste …

Actually, you know what? This deserves a post of it’s own.
I’ll get right on that.

4 thoughts on “Married Life and Such

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  1. I still feel like marriage is like a sleepover with my best friend! Especially since we are a part sometimes, and then when we get to spend time together it is even more … well, NICE! :)Enjoy camping! And I am glad you did enjoy your show 🙂

  2. Ooh! I remember lunch with you on Monday talking about point #1. You refreshed my heart Becky! Hearing you talk about the Lord's plans and how amazing this blessing has been. I am so excited to hear more and more stories from you about married life :)You're just wonderful and your friendship has meant a lot to me. I hope you know that!

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