Going to Chick-fil-A is good birth control.

Chris and I decided that last night.

We went out to The Chick for dinner. It was a snowy night and we had two free sandwich coupons. (Thanks Facebook!) Spent $3.97 for dinner for two … can’t beat that.


The place was a madhouse. There must have been three kids there for every one adult. Where in the world did they all come from? Granted, we chose a table right next to the play area, but still. It didn’t much matter where we sat. As we ate our dinner amidst the the chaos, our conversation (not surprisingly) centered on our feelings about having children someday. Or more accurately, how we could have kids and not wish we didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Chick-fil-A. And I love kids. But the two of them together … no thank you.

(This video doesn’t have anything to do with kids, but it totally made me laugh.)

13 thoughts on “Going to Chick-fil-A is good birth control.

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  1. We had a friend who observed that all the "kids" they hire to work at Chick-fil-a seem like homeschoolers (if you know what I mean) who need a job.I've observed that the folks who homeschool, generally speaking, are the type who have boatloads of kids.Maybe it's all the families with loads of kids going to see their older siblings at work …My pleasure.

  2. Loved the video!Funny story for you. Once, after shopping in Denver, I decided I needed a snack and pulled into the Chick-fil-A there on County Line Rd. I pulled up to the drive thru window and waited for someone to take my order. And waited…and waited…and waited. And then finally noticed that the entire parking lot was empty. Yes, that's right, it was Sunday. I laughed at myself as I drove off to find a different drive thru and wondered how many people saw me and laughed at the crazy woman sitting at the Chick-fil-A drive thru on a Sunday.

  3. Hmmmm…. you people are wimps. 🙂 Low tolerance for noise is what it is. You live in some nice quieter world that doesn't involve the screeching of happy children, or not-so-happy children.Days when you still go mountain biking for dates, and go in hot tubs at hotels because you don't have a sleeping toddler back in the room.Don't worry, once you have kids, your tolerance for noise levels grows exponentially.Just saying.

  4. Wait a minute Christer… you come from a family of 4 and you went to public school. Although some of your family photos had you looking like a homeschooler (: Is more than 4 a boat load? homeschooling mom with two kids (:I think my boat might be full.Sorry to slam you but your comments hit a sore spot.

  5. No slam taken, Dawnonymous.The truth is I really like both large families AND homeschooling. I plan on having a bunch myself, and (don't tell Becky) we'll probably homeschool them. AND we (my wife and I) both love Chick-fil-a.If the comments I made above seemed negative, that what purely unintentional. I happen to think that 4 kids is boarderline boatload. 5 is definitely boatload status.And don't forget: Homeschoolers have no class.

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