Blog, Interrupted

Geez … where have I been all my life? Apparently this whole marriagehousebuyingpregnancy-all-in-one-year thing has really taken it’s toll on my regular blogging habit.

With how quickly life is changing these days and the upcoming arrival of BabyGio, I’ve been literally overflowing with stuff to share. (Yes, literally Zach.)

So, without further ado … I am hereby reinstating this blog.


I, owner and sole contributor of this blog, hereby promise to give you a better peep into the G-Life via more regular posts. Maybe not every single day. But certainly more than you’ve seen of late.

I hereby promise that starting in September, not every post will contain a baby photo. Or even mention a baby. But probably some will since that will be my life.

I hereby promise to try my best to make you think a little bit and laugh a lot.

I apologize to you, faithful reader. You deserve better. And if you’re still around, you deserve … ummm …. something cool. A gold medal. A free ice cream cone. Or at least a hug. (Although even that’s becoming a challenge these days.)

Anyway, in the spirit of the Asian guy on Iron Chef America … LET THE BLOGGING BEGIN!

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