Motherhood by Immersion

In the final few weeks before BabyGio arrives, I’ve been surrounding myself with as many babies as possible. I figure it’s kind of like learning a language by immersion.

So last week my sister brought her kiddos for a picnic lunch at the park across the street. Moriah, my six-month-old niece, got to experience the bliss of eating a strawberry for the first time. (After witnessing the carnage, it’s obvious that Carl’s Jr.’s “Don’t bother me … I’m eating” commercials have nothing on this girl!)

Apparently pregnancy has changed my voice into a man’s voice. How unbecoming. I hope it changes back.

And here, her brother Micah discovers that bomannas have hair.

Then today at lunch, I had another niece visit, this time two months old.
Needless to say, I’m getting a teensy bit excited for our baby to be here and join the fun!

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