Daddy Stuff to Remember

I’m afraid of forgetting. I’ve heard this before from people who have lost someone, and I’ve always thought How could you forget? But it makes sense now. It’s the small things I don’t want to forget…

I don’t want to forget the way his glasses sat perpetually crooked on his nose. He bought them by the six-pack from Costco and they were inevitably getting bent so they never sat straight.

I don’t want to forget his gigantic, old school headphones he wore while doing yard work so that he wouldn’t miss a Rockies game.

I don’t want to forget how he’d let me come plop on his lap anytime, even when I was an adult and even though (as many others have said) I have a bony butt.

I don’t want to forget how he wrote emails text messages like a teenage girl, using all sorts of abbreviations like CU L8R and TY and always signed it :> D because he never figured out that the parentheses sign made a better smile. Or maybe he liked it that way.

I don’t want to forget how he could whip out pizza dough in 10 minutes and no matter how much I practice, mine never tastes as good as his.

I don’t want to forget his huge, quart-sized mug that he would drink herbal tea out of every morning. One of us got it as a souvenir at Disneyworld in 1992 and he used it ever since.

I don’t want to forget how he’d always raise his hands and close his eyes during worship in church, even when the song wasn’t a “hand raising” song and even when he was the only one.

I don’t want to forget the way he always called me Beck, never Becky.

I don’t want to forget the way he loved to tell OPJs and then would sit there with this pleased grin on his face while we all groaned.

I don’t want to forget how much he loved to eat ice cream. He always had seconds. Always. And if there was a small amount left in the container, he “had” to finish it.
As time goes by, I know these memories will start to fade. I wish there was a way to stop that from happening. I guess I took for granted the fact that he’d still be around doing this stuff for a long time so I wouldn’t have to remember it. I’m grateful for the time God gave us with him but I wish it weren’t over quite so soon.
I miss my dad.

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  1. OPJs! I love OPJs. This was such a good post, Becky. Thank you for sharing this. It's funny how the things that used to make us roll our eyes and say, "Day-ud, that's sooo embarrassing!" are really the things we love about them in the end.Keep remembering and reminding us of those things!Carolyn

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