Our Culinary Adventure: A Night in Brazil

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned how traveling is one of the few interests Chris and I share. But I now realize that I forgot about a big one…

We share a love of food. We love eating. We love cooking together. We love trying out new restaurants. (Which, I might add, is quite challenging in Colorado Springs, the world’s mecca of chain restaurants.) Our favorite TV channel is the Food Network, and if we ever decide to pay for cable, it will be to watch that channel. We’ve even gone so far as to throw around the idea of moving to a big city just to be able to experience more culture. (By the way, this plan isn’t off the table.)
We’re trying our best to pass on this love of food to our kids. We have made it our mission to introduce our daughter to a wide a variety of food as early in life as possible. By 10 months old (thanks in big part to a trip to San Francisco) she had eating authentic Mexican, Persian, Greek and Thai food. She loved it all. Being that she’s a Giovagnoni, of course she’s also eaten Italian and American. And just last weekend, we introduced her to Brazilian food.
Chris recently came up with this idea to cook and eat different recipes from the countries where Compassion works and then he’d share our experiences on Compassion’s blog. I loved the idea. 
Mise en place for Moqueca de Peixe
So our first foray into cooking international cuisine was to Brazil. You can read Chris’ post about the experience, but let me just sum it up to say, after the first meal I’m very excited about this new culinary adventure! Even though we cannot travel as much as we might want to in this moment in our lives, we can still experience a small taste of the world through food. 

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