My Moment with Mumford

A few days ago I had one of those moments. You know every once in a while when you have those few seconds where it seems that everything is just right with the world and God seems physically present?

I was driving to an appointment in early afternoon. I was driving up a hill and as I crested the top, the entire front range of the Rocky Mountains spread out before me. The sun was shining bright, warm on my skin through the car window. Beyond it there were black storm clouds rolling in over the mountains, but beneath them, the sun lit up the mountains like they were under spotlights. The stark contrast between the light and dark was incredible. For a moment it seemed like the world slowed down and I was the only one there. The song on the radio was Mumford & Sons “I Will Wait” and I turned up the volume and just sat there in awe.

For just that moment I experienced this awesome, unexplainable mix of visual beauty (the postcard picture mountains), physical beauty (the warmth from the sun) and audio beauty (the music.) It was a holy moment, and I felt God’s presence so literally that I actually got the chills.

And in that moment I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God is real. Music is proof to me of His existence. If God didn’t exist, there would be no music. Or art. Or dance. Every expression of beauty in this world is a reflection of Him. Without God, beauty would not exist.

There is certain music that speaks to my soul … to the very core of who I am. Some songs, from the very first time I hear them, and every time thereafter, move me. And in that moment, that Mumford and Sons song became one of them. Here are a few of my soul songs.

Up To The Mountain – Patty Griffin

I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons

Have you ever had an experience like this? Is there a particular song that moves you when you hear it?

5 thoughts on “My Moment with Mumford

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  1. Your description of the mountains and Colorado made me feel like I was right there with you! Thanks for sharing that, Becky! I am so GLAD you are blogging again. I always enjoyed reading your previous blog. So grateful 🙂

  2. I love soul songs! Have you heard “all that you are” by the Goo Goo Dolls? I also love “Ghosts that we knew” by Momford. I love that Mraz song so much also!

  3. I had a similar experience with Lyle Lovett singing “If I Had a Boat” in the middle of nowhere western Wyoming. I had to go out and buy the CD upon returning to civilization, and 8 years later, it still just feels right when I hear that song. Glad to see you blogging again! I am working on the first post for my first blog right now.

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