On Abortion

Excuse me while I interrupt your day for a minute. And to give you fair warning, this won’t be an enjoyable post. Actually, posting something like this as I’m resuming my blog is probably kind of stupid. I’m sure I’ll lose potential readers. People don’t want to read stuff like this. But after reading this horrific article in USA Today this morning, I can’t not share. Go ahead and read it. Right now. I’ll wait.

Done? How do you feel?

I realize that abortion is a polarizing issue with both sides extremely passionate about what they believe. I understand that everyone brings their own personal experiences and biases to the conversation and that it’s very difficult – impossible, even – to have a rational, emotion-free discussion of the topic. I get that it’s a subject rife with hatred and extremists. On both sides. People are irrational and can be extremely stupid.

But what I cannot wrap my mind around is how this atrociousness is legal. In this country where it is illegal to drive without a seatbelt. Seriously … what is wrong with people? Even if the author of this article is totally biased (which she clearly is, but then, how can one not be in this debate?) she didn’t just make this stuff up. This is really happening, people. Don’t trust USA Today? Okay, how about the International Business Times. Or NBC?

How does anyone in their right mind believe that killing a baby inside the womb is not murder? Does a 6 inch birth canal really make the difference between whether what you are killing is a person or not? Does a fetus suddenly miraculously becomes a person upon exiting the birth canal?

I am sick to my stomach just thinking about this stuff. It upsets me to the point of nearly throwing up. I cry when I think about my own babies and how completely helpless and dependent they were the day they were born. And how if they had been growing in another woman’s womb they might have been beheaded. Or had their spinal cord cut out. LEGALLY.

This is the country we live in. If this is the price of our freedom, is it worth it?

baby girl, 10 minutes old
My daughter, 10 minutes old

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  1. Thanks for the courage to write this. I saw this article earlier and had to close it…because it hurts to read. But we NEED to read it. Not knowing what is happening – no matter which side you are on – is not helping us wrestle with the realities.

  2. Great post, Becky. The sin that Satan has got this world all twisted up and deceived into us unbelievable. I can’t imagine how it grieves God’s heart. I’ve been outraged about this same issue for a long time. Remember my blog post about this almost 5 years ago ( http://tschaching.blogspot.com/2008/10/time-to-get-fired-up.html )?

    You want to know what so disturbing? Based on the stats (from 2005), in the time between our two blog posts, more than 147,571,200 babies lost their lives to abortion.

    I truly believe that in Heaven there’s an army made up of millions of aborted souls who never got the chance to live the lives on Earth that God had planned for them.

    Wanna know what’s more amazing? Christ took upon himself the horrific sin behind every last one of those deaths. Every one. He bore it all. Jesus come quickly.

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