7 Goals for the New Year

I love January 1st. There’s something so hopeful and encouraging about a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate. Every year I think Maybe this year will be the year I can actually make the changes I’ve been trying to make. I had that thought this morning.

Stasi Eldredge has been very influential to me over the past few months. Her books, her Facebook posts, her ministry. I respect her. A lot.

Today she posted a list of seven questions to reflect on for the upcoming year. I thought they were quite thought provoking, so here are my thoughts.

1. What is a destination I would like to visit?
Italy, with my Italian husband. This has been a dream of mine since I met him and heard him talk about his many trips there. I want to fall in love with the country and culture he loves. I want to know the heritage of our kids. (At least 50% of them.) Amazingly, this trip is actually on the calendar! We have some good friends who moved to Aviano a couple years ago and we’ve been talking about this trip since they moved. October = Italy 2015, baby!

2.What is something new I would like to try?
Sewing. On a machine. I’m not sure yet what I’ll make or who’s machine I’ll borrow, but in the vein of all my interest in DIY stuff, this is a really handy skill to have and I want to learn. I suspect in order to be successful at sewing, I’ll have to learn to be a perfectionist. Uh oh.

3. What do I want to spend more time doing?
Playing the piano. We have a beautiful piano purchased a few years ago and only played a few times since. I love playing and I want to do it more this year.

4. What is a habit I am going to break?
Second guessing people when they tell me something. I know this is kind of vague, but I am obsessive about what other people truly think. My husband reminds me all the time that I should take people at their word. I think he’s right.

5. What do I want to do/be better at?
Listening. To God. To my husband. To my kids. To my mom. To my siblings. To my friends. To my coworkers. I’m honestly pretty bad at this and it’s something I know God wants me to focus on this year. So I’ll try.

6. What would I like to work harder at?
Keeping a tidy house. This is a big area of weakness for me. I struggle to put things away when I’m done with them, and things tend to pile up. I don’t clean the bathrooms or floors as much as I should. And I’m teaching my bad habits to my kids. I want this to change.

7. What is a skill I’d like to learn or improve upon?
I want to learn Italian. I know just a few words, but we own the Rosetta Stone, so I really I have no excuse. And now I have a deadline. (See #1.) Andiamo!

So now I’ve put my year’s goals in writing. They’re official. Maybe at the end of the year I can write a follow up post to see how I’ve done. Wish me luck!

What are your goals for 2015?

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