Well, 2019, it’s been fun. Literally.

I always get nostalgic on days like today … the last day of the year. Tomorrow is a fresh start. A redo of sorts. I love the New Year because of that feeling of pushing the reset button.

I like to begin a new year with time thinking about what I’d like to do differently. How I’d like to grow over the year. What things I’d like to change. And I will do all that.


I’ve found, though, that it helps me in making a plan for the next year to look back and remember what I’m coming out of. I love to remember.

Here’s a quick look back at what 2019 held for the Giovagnonis.

Overnight with the cousins at Mt. Princeton. First annual.
A ski trip in Breckenridge.
10th Anniversary trip to Cuba.
Tyce’s first 5K

When I look back on 2019, my heart is as full as our year was.

I love that we created new traditions and memories with family. I pray that as they grow, our kids always know where they came from and where they belong.

I love the fact that we spent Easter, 4th of July, Friendsgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day with friends who have become family. Framily.

I look out the window and see the ninja course, which holds so much meaning. It means facing fears. It means overcoming obstacles. It means perseverance. And devotion. And intentionality. And love. [And is also super fun.]

I sit in our newly renovated kitchen and think about how our house is now a reflection of the life mission God has given me. And I’m eager to step into it more fully. [And I also think about how fun it is to cook in it.]

Our family is finding its rhythm. We are figuring out who we are and who we are becoming. We are learning to relax and accept and just be together.

We are learning to listen without judgment and love without expectation.

We are asking God to lead us to a place of full surrender.

2020, we’re ready for you. Let’s do this!

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