Thank you, COVID-19.

There’s no doubt that life kind of sucks right now. For everyone. I’ve struggled to stay in a good head space, especially when I start thinking about how long this might go on. But one of the ways I’ve intentionally tried to control my thoughts is to make a list of the good things that have come from this crisis.

This list is certainly not complete and I will continue to update it as more good comes to light.

What things would you add?

  1. Some Good News
  2. Less polluted skies.
  3. A ceasefire in the Saudi Arabia/Yemen war.
  4. It feels much safer to run or when Chris ride his bike.
  5. Noticeably less traffic on Vickers.
  6. Book Study with my sisters.
  7. Aunt Barbara’s Book Club
  8. Both kids now learning another language (Cara – French and Tyce – Spanish) with the [free] Rosetta Stone.
  9. Sleeping in.
  10. Now that everything’s online, I can experience my brother in law’s worship leading.
  11. Jared Polis’ bold and compassionate leadership.
  12. Finally doing the parent/kid sleepovers we’ve been promising.
  13. Current movies are being released for home viewing which means I can watch Emma and Onward at home.
  14. Made my first sourdough starter. Doubled as a science lesson with my daughter.
  15. My book club, our small group and happy hour with friends have all gone virtual.
  16. The whole #TogetheratHome movement.
  17. is a thing now.
  18. I have a new, handmade sweater mug.
  19. Snooze will now deliver breakfast. To my doorstep.
  20. Community support rallying around small, local businesses.
  21. I get to have lunch with my kids every day.
  22. Our church is innovating and finding new (better?) ways to connect and build community.
  23. We went to Cottonwood Park a couple days ago. It was full of families doing things together.
  24. I’m now in contact with my siblings daily.
  25. I’m running [almost] daily.

One thought on “Thank you, COVID-19.

Add yours

  1. Becky, I was just talking to someone about While I hurt for people affected by tragic deaths and losses, both life and financial, Loss of way of life etc and SO much more, esp for woman & children, etc. so mamy blessings have come out of this as well and I appreciate all those you shared.
    My nieces husband Has been able to work from home during this time and saving about two hours a day on his daily commute. Daddy can now spend tome with his little baby daughter wife, etc. as well as on his lunch break and so forth. My niece was also working PT From home and It gabe her that extra time as well.
    He Would have never had this time with his daughter Outside of being able to work from home due to COVID. And I’m sure that sentiment has been echoed by the thousands. Thank you for sharing your list. 💜

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