When something is shattered
sometimes the pieces are too small
to put back together again.
And most of the world 
would just sweep them up
and throw them away
and buy something new.

But the pieces might be
just the right size
to create a new work of art
that contains so much more
beauty and intricacy and meaning
than the original.

As long as you try 
to remake the original
it will just look
broken and ugly
and won’t fit together anymore.

But if you allow 
something totally new to be created
out of the broken, shattered pieces,
a beautiful, otherworldly
work of art will emerge.
It might take a lot more work
but it will have so much more
life and joy and whimsy,
nuance and depth and  purpose
than the first version.

And it will make you think
this is what the Artist intended
from the very beginning.

3 thoughts on “Mosaic

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  1. This is one of the best things I think you’ve written in a long time. It says things without saying them specifically. It’s a work of art itself, allowing the reader to interact, interpret, experience and receive it on his or her terms. I receive it well. I think it’s beautiful and hopeful. Not preachy and not too specific. It’s application is widespread, to many situations and circumstances. Well done.


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  2. Becky, I don’t catch all your writings but they’re always so profound and real. The same with this piece…really great message. 🙏🏻💜

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