Recapturing My Wild

Remember my wild side?
The unbridled delight.
The effervescent bubble of joy overflowing.
The uncontainable enthusiasm.
The unstoppable giggle.
The unending energy.
It was wild and free.

Life tried to subdue it.
They labeled it “drama.”
They called it “too much.”
But all the time they tried to contain it,
They didn’t know
It was using the side door
Or sneaking out the back.

Who is she, this wild girl in me?
Her energy is magnetic.
She captivated all who see her.
Some are afraid of her because they don’t understand.
She was not made to be tamed.
She was made to be loved, wild and free.
She is beauty because she is SHE.

3 thoughts on “Recapturing My Wild

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  1. I will have to read this a few times to really take it in…but I really like it at first read! 🥰. Keep the words flowing! Blessings!

  2. Thank-you for describing me, too! I love this poem. Keep writing poetry! Your words will target other’s hearts to re-inspire the willing wild of the inner child. (To Jesus be the glory)

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