Worth 1,000 Words

Social media is a breeding ground for false stories. Carefully curated photo feeds and thoughtfully written posts tell stories of near perfect family vacations, raucous girls nights out, fancy date nights, amazing family gatherings. Ad nauseam.

But those posted photos are almost always hiding the messy, complicated, passionate, beautiful but often deeply painful and broken thing called real life.

These photos I’m sharing are gorgeous. But the beauty is not the beach setting or sunset (as surreal as it was.)

The true beauty is that the smiles, the laughter, the tenderness and the deep love you see in them is genuine. If you know anything about our story, you know just how hard we’ve fought for this.

Here is a little peek at we’ve been fighting so hard for. Celebrate with us!

Working towards a healthy marriage is not easy … it’s actually way harder than I ever imagined.

But SO worth it.

I want to give a huge shout out to Abraham Solares in Puerto Vallarta for these most excellent photos. He’s a true pro.

9 thoughts on “Worth 1,000 Words

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  1. I don’t know a lot of your story, but I’ve loved getting to know glimpses of you and your life. 🙂 So glad you had a wonderful trip! Amazing pictures!

  2. Such beautiful photos!! I love them! Especially made sweeter through the pain and struggles. I love your honesty, and the fact that you have stayed in the fight!

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