I knew going into it that marriage would be hard. You can't get married at 31 and not have a little bit of an idea of how messy it can be. But I think I may have underestimated it.

This is Us

We are in the midst of a relational Harvey-sized disaster, devastating our fragile construction of a marriage. We’re both being broken apart. Stripped down and laid bare. And it is terribly painful.
But there is hope.

On Depression

Every time I see the news that a celebrity took his own life, it is a sad reminder to me that depression is a cruel and indiscriminate enemy. It can – and often does – take us by total surprise, destroying the ones we think are least susceptible to it. Until a few years ago (six, to be... Continue Reading →

Relearning Love

Somewhere in the four and half years, amidst buying a house, having two children, mourning my dad, and starting a new job, I forgot how to love my husband. It actually surprised me that it took only four years. I'd heard about the "seven year itch" so I expected to have a few more years... Continue Reading →

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